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Between swims

I wasn't expecting to end my first run down the Topo river with this face - especially after rallying down with Andres and Lucho on their home run I certainly didn't think I would swim right above the take out.

The section we ran on the Topo is almost the…


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My European Summer Highlight Reel (Better late than never!)

Well, it is January and I am on a kayaking trip in Ecuador just now sitting down to write about my kayaking adventures and competitions in Europe from this past summer. Maybe my new years resolution should be writing blog posts a little closer to the event? A little late is better than never right?

This past summer really was one for the books. Climbing in France, kayaking in France, Italy and Norway and guiding trips for Adventures by Disney in Norway. I kayaked some amazing rivers,…


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Welcome to the Longboat Revolution: Greenboat on Site Zed

Welcome to the #LongBoatRevolution!

Since kayaking's origin millennia ago what we now consider "longboats" were the norm. Initially utilized by the Inuit, Yup'ik and Aleut people, kayaks were utilized for hunting and fishing. These long kayaks constructed of wood, bone and/or animal skin…


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Season Opening

It's been three years of drought here in California. Weather channels predict an El Niño winter. This means above average precipitation, but warmer. We certainly seem to be off to that start out here as we just saw over 2" of rain at 7,000' in the High Sierra. While it doesn't do much for the spring, for now it primes the river with early season water. …


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PDX Film Fest: Best Expedition Video - Rivers of Northern India

We are excited to come away from the 13th Annual PDX Kayaker Film Festival with "Best Expedition" video award this year!  Our video: Rivers of Northern India (posted in two parts on this blog earlier, as well as in its entirety below).  

Kayaking in Northern India from Adam Mills Elliott on…


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El Río Verde en Colombia! Part Two...

Looking upstream after the first rapid.



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El Río Verde en Colombia! Part One...

A few weeks ago, I bought a one way ticket to Medellín, Colombia.  Only knowing the stories my high school Spanish teacher (Capo Rettig) and Jules Domine had told me, I was more than excited to explore the rivers in Colombia for myself.  I arrived in Medellín on Thursday night (11/6) and the next day I was hiking through the jungle towards my first Colombian river - el río verde!

We drove 2 hours outside Medellín to a village called San Francisco.  Not exactly the same as the San…


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Women in Charge -- Green River Takeover!

A few months ago I had a vision to put on an event that would bring together and inspire the women's paddling community by "taking over" the river. All too often the river is filled with men and I wanted to have a day where the women take it over! On October 19, my idea was made reality with over 50 women putting on the Upper Green together and 24 of those continuing on down through the Narrows! Dagger was…


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Always Beautiful on the Sunshine Coast: Surfing the Alchemy

I’ve only been on a handful of sea-kayaking trips, but it's one of my favorite ways to get around, go camping, and enjoy the wonders of the salt. Of course, I love multi-day whitewater trips, but it’s definitely a luxury to be able to pack twice as much stuff and have it all much more accessible in a sea kayak. I’ve gotten to paddle my Alchemy all around the San Juan Islands, which are just out my back door, and recently I took it to Skookumchuck Narrows on the Sunshine Coast, BC. It was my…


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Adidas Sickline

Photos courtesy of Adidas Sickline. Jens Klatt, M Arnu & E Holzknecht!…


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Upper Cherry Creek

This year while planning for our two month cali season one thing that was a disappointment was that we were told "upper cherry is closed this year".  The reason behind the "closure" was the rim fire in the fall of 2013, closing access to the cherry lake and the normal hike in and take out to the famous run.  Lucky for me my brother Jim doesn't take no for an answer and found a legal access to the creek. 

We hiked in from the normal west cherry hike in at bourland meadows and…


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Hospital Rock

V-slide starts things off with a bang for Darin McQuoid…


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Devils Extreme Race edit

Sick edit from the Devils Extreme Race a couple weeks ago! Video by Ciarán…

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Repetition, repetition, repetition

Repetition, repetition, repetition.

Playboating is a sect of kayaking that some would say takes longer to master. The reasoning being with creek boating and river running, most of the time after you get your roll in the pool you can hop on a river and go. With playboating, it's back to the pool... Flat water tricks require time to learn, and learning how the boat moves around on edges ie cartwheels, will help immensely when attempting on a wave or hole. With all kayaking, and sports… Continue

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Playboating troubleshooting!!!

Playboating troubleshooting! Focus on the fundamentals.

Front surfing, side surfing, and back surfing are the fundamentals that ALL of your tricks will be started from and stopped into. Land a huge loop, blunt, cartwheel, flip turn it doesnt matter, to be able to LAND the move... You have to or it helps ;) to have a solid base of the surfing basics to.. Keep surfing! Plus once mastered, the front surf can be amazing amounts of fun.

Tech tips.

Control the wave, but… Continue

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Kayaking the Rivers of India: Part 2

Rivers tumble off the Indian Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau like stampedes during time of snowmelt each year.  This makes planning an international kayak trip a gamble.  Luckily, our 3 weeks in India did not meet with any flood-stage paddling (lucky for some of us I suppose), but with perfect medium flows.

After leaving the northern Ladakh area, four of us (Chrstie,…


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The Tatshenshini & Lower Alsek

The Tatshenshini and Lower Alsek is a remote132-mile wilderness stretch of river that flows through the Yukon, British Columbia, and Alaska. The trip starts at Dalton post in Kluane National Park, cuts through the St. Elias Mountain Range in Tatshenshini-Alsek Park, and ends at Dry Bay in…


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The Next horizon Line: Fantasy Falls

Fantasy Falls is arguably the best multiday run in California (which says a lot), it has no hike in and has about every kind of rapid you could ask for all in an amazing wilderness setting.

Jim and I were lucky enough to get 3 separate runs in on fantasy falls this summer all at a variety of different water levels.  The camping is amazing and the rapids are incredibly good and if you want to you can go HUGE on this run.  Enjoy the pics and video below and check out:…


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Kayaking the Rivers of Northern India: Part 1


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Crossover Creekin' in the Katana 10.4

This year I wanted to try something a little different, so I got a Katana 10.4 not knowing quite what to expect. Unwrapping the boat, I was super excited to see the hull that looked like it could definitely handle whitewater. Plus, it had all of the extra features to make it the perfect boat for long over-nighters on rivers and even to explore the San Juan Islands outside my back door in Bellingham, WA.…


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