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Paddlers Etiquette

If you show up to a crowded surf break in California and act like a jerk, chances are it could end in some slashed tires, a broken board, or getting the snot kicked out of you. On a recent trip to some popular surf breaks in San Diego, I was sensitive to this issue and took time to inquire about beach etiquette. Rules are posted at each break and after chatting with a couple locals to get my bearings straight, I felt confident about what was acceptable behavior. Kayakers can learn a lot from…


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Friends of the Rio.

The personalities of kayakers are varied and interesting to say the least. Almost as important as where…


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An Epic on Devil's Canyon: How To Fix a Crack on the RIver

Last year, David Maurier and I headed off for a two day kayaking trip down one of California's most classic overnighters- Devil's Canyon of the Middle Fork of the Feather. Stoked to have good water, good weather, red wine and a couple of steaks, we were ready find adventure.…

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Slave River

The slave river has been in the back of my mind since I started kayaking. The article with Steve Fisher crushing big lines and surfing these huge waves was just awe inspiring. Until last season I really thought the Slave river was out of reach to me. It lies in such a remote part…


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bulkhead footplate screws seized - Axiom 8.5

Hi all,

Greetings from down under.

My Axiom has spent some quality time in the surf due to the low water levels in Oz and the screws in the bulkhead footplates have seized.

The footplates have slid down so there is a gap big enough for my feet to slide through which is dangerous. Tried all the usual to undo the screws - soaked in RP7 etc but they are stuck fast.

How do I get the footplate out as I need to drill out and replace the screws pronto?

Do I need…


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Aniol Serrasolses - 2013 review

 It's been an amazing year of kayaking all around the world , here's a review I've done with the best memories of 2013 !

January –

I keep trying hard to recover. My back

still hurts , it’s cold and…

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Peru in pictures part 2

It’s been a few months since we left Perú but I still get
some good memories when i think about it...  I love this place, the culture, the food, the multi-days…

stoked to come back next year for more !

Here you got some epic Pictures from my good friendo Eric


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Peru in pictures part 1

Our trip to Peru is almost over... just chilling out in Lima and getting ready for our next adventure ! The experience has been insanely awesome, over a month of non stop paddling all over Peru. …


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Welcome to Whitewater

In my whole life i have enjoyed risky things. If you were to ask me to jump on a longboard and cruise down a huge hill, or get a dirt bike and make a jump, I would do it. But nothing about whitewater ever really made me feel that way until I read about the risk involved. I thought "wow that is really crazy!! I wanna try." So the next day I talked to a friend and got the gear list and bought everything. It was a rag tag set of gear. I had a touring paddle and skirt and pretty plain helmet and…


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Revelstoke boating

Revelstoke is a Mecca for a ton of outdoor sports, skiing, boarding, climbing, biking and of course kayaking. Each year I pass through Revi to catch up with friends and sample the goods, however timing can be difficult with rain sometimes causing a big rise in water levels for more click here…


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Dagger Nomad 8.5

I have had the chance to paddle many different boats since I started kayaking in the summer of 2003. Up until this fall I have focused mostly on play boating and running class II-III rivers. I knew it was time to step it up when I tried out my friends Nomad 8.5 in the spring of 2013 and everything just felt right.

I picked up my new Nomad in the early fall and since then I have paddle several easy class IV-V mid-west rivers, the Green River Narrows at 9", Tallulah at 710 cfs, and…


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Last year I didn't get to paddle in california for the first time in a few years so I was very excited to get to go out twice this season, in late april and in june.


The trip in april was supposed to be a fun warm up for the season but when we got there all that was running was the south merced and dinkey creek.  My durango nurse lifestyle coach Eric Parker and I drove out from colorado to meet the boys flying in.  The South Merced was a great warm up with Rolf and I knowing…


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St Leon Creek, BC, Canada

This past year has been a whirlwind. I said goodbye to the oilfield almost as soon as I received my Canadian residency papers, and moved to Edmonton, which is even further away front the epic white water that Canada has to offer. However it was for a good cause. A life filled with the time and resources…


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Green Race 2013


The 2013 Green River Narrows Race has come and gone. It was quite the show. A few records were broken, and I finally finished sub five, a goal I had set for myself after first racing in 2008. Overall, the C-1 class was faster than ever with Ben Fraker taking the win at 4:47, beating the previous record by 10 seconds. Jordan Poffenberger tied the previous record, finishing at…


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India Part III: The Upper Indus

The last stop on our Ladakh kayaking tour was an overnighter on the Upper Indus River.…


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India Part II: Zanskar Gorge - The Grand Canyon of Asia

There is no easy way to get to the put-in of the Zanskar Gorge. We wanted to start at the remote town of Padum which lies in a high mountain valley walled-in between the Zanskar and Great Himalayan Ranges. There is currently an…


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Team Dagger athletes launch Mountain Mind Collective web video series

For years my brother Brendan and I have been passionate about pushing our kayaking abilities and exploring rivers around the world. It wasn't until recently, though, that we both discovered a similar passion for cinematography and film. This year we decided to combine these passions and launch our own video production company.


Mountain Mind Collective is a…


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Discovering the Promise Land, Pacific NW

Any of my friends could have seen this coming a mile away!  After 2 years of visiting the PacNW I finally gave in and made it my home.  My first adventure here was back in college with an old friend Leif Anderson and by old I mean ancient.  Also another good buddy of mine was able to make the trip from New Mexico, Eddy Honea.  Here is a link to his blog post about that trip!…


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India Part I: Landing in Ladakh

India will blow your mind and turn your whole world upside down. Stepping off the plane in Ladakh, I felt like I'd landed on another planet. The dry, mountainous landscape was unlike anything I had ever seen. Susan Hollingsworth, Adam Elliott, Jacob Glissmeyer, and I had taken an early morning flight from New…


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King Of New York 2013 - Beaver Fest

Labor day weekend in the Northeast is a celebration for many reasons.  Everyone is happy to get their three-day weekend and the paddling community is even more excited. The Raquette and Beaver Rivers release several times over the three-day period. The Raquette is short section of river with five major drops and a few other rapids sprinkled in between with a sharp riverbed. The Beaver is a section of whitewater deep in Adirondack Mountains of New York, the three sections of this river…


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