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Adidas Sickline

Photos courtesy of Adidas Sickline. Jens Klatt, M Arnu & E Holzknecht!…


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Upper Cherry Creek

This year while planning for our two month cali season one thing that was a disappointment was that we were told "upper cherry is closed this year".  The reason behind the "closure" was the rim fire in the fall of 2013, closing access to the cherry lake and the normal hike in and take out to the famous run.  Lucky for me my brother Jim doesn't take no for an answer and found a legal access to the creek. 

We hiked in from the normal west cherry hike in at bourland meadows and…


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Hospital Rock

V-slide starts things off with a bang for Darin McQuoid…


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Devils Extreme Race edit

Sick edit from the Devils Extreme Race a couple weeks ago! Video by Ciarán…

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Repetition, repetition, repetition

Repetition, repetition, repetition.

Playboating is a sect of kayaking that some would say takes longer to master. The reasoning being with creek boating and river running, most of the time after you get your roll in the pool you can hop on a river and go. With playboating, it's back to the pool... Flat water tricks require time to learn, and learning how the boat moves around on edges ie cartwheels, will help immensely when attempting on a wave or hole. With all kayaking, and sports… Continue

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Playboating troubleshooting!!!

Playboating troubleshooting! Focus on the fundamentals.

Front surfing, side surfing, and back surfing are the fundamentals that ALL of your tricks will be started from and stopped into. Land a huge loop, blunt, cartwheel, flip turn it doesnt matter, to be able to LAND the move... You have to or it helps ;) to have a solid base of the surfing basics to.. Keep surfing! Plus once mastered, the front surf can be amazing amounts of fun.

Tech tips.

Control the wave, but… Continue

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Kayaking the Rivers of India: Part 2

Rivers tumble off the Indian Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau like stampedes during time of snowmelt each year.  This makes planning an international kayak trip a gamble.  Luckily, our 3 weeks in India did not meet with any flood-stage paddling (lucky for some of us I suppose), but with perfect medium flows.

After leaving the northern Ladakh area, four of us (Chrstie,…


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The Tatshenshini & Lower Alsek

The Tatshenshini and Lower Alsek is a remote132-mile wilderness stretch of river that flows through the Yukon, British Columbia, and Alaska. The trip starts at Dalton post in Kluane National Park, cuts through the St. Elias Mountain Range in Tatshenshini-Alsek Park, and ends at Dry Bay in…


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The Next horizon Line: Fantasy Falls

Fantasy Falls is arguably the best multiday run in California (which says a lot), it has no hike in and has about every kind of rapid you could ask for all in an amazing wilderness setting.

Jim and I were lucky enough to get 3 separate runs in on fantasy falls this summer all at a variety of different water levels.  The camping is amazing and the rapids are incredibly good and if you want to you can go HUGE on this run.  Enjoy the pics and video below and check out:…


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Kayaking the Rivers of Northern India: Part 1


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Crossover Creekin' in the Katana 10.4

This year I wanted to try something a little different, so I got a Katana 10.4 not knowing quite what to expect. Unwrapping the boat, I was super excited to see the hull that looked like it could definitely handle whitewater. Plus, it had all of the extra features to make it the perfect boat for long over-nighters on rivers and even to explore the San Juan Islands outside my back door in Bellingham, WA.…


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Endangered Rivers

Rivers are simple, yet amazingly complicated things in our modern world. Without kayaking I'd never have realized just how complicated they can be.

Thomas Moore runs a slide on the Devil's Postpile section of the San Joaquin.

This year the San Joaquin River was listed as one of the top three…


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Colorado Tour - CKS Paddlefest

Every Memorial Day weekend, some of the world's best freestyle paddlers descend on Buena Vista, CO to compete at CKS Paddlefest's BV Pro Rodeo.

Buena Vista is a beautiful little town located in the Colorado Rocky Mountains at an elevation of 7965 feet or 2428 meters. To me that is crazy as 2428…


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Colorado Tour "The Golden Games"


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Dinkey Creek

Our plan was for Jared Johnson to pick up shuttle drivers and meet us at the put-it, unfortunately JJ couldn’t find any and was able to get a text to us half way up to the put-in.  We had to divert back to the takeout and jam into one vehicle but luckily Rolf was able to get us a shuttle driver saving us 2-3 hours of driving.  We made it through the maze of backroads to the hike in spot just past ross crossing at 4pm and down the hill we headed through a nicely groomed trail thanks to Darin…


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Team Dagger's Colorado Tour


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In the Dungeon

High above Castle Rock dominates the skyline at 9,807'. Seven thousand feet below we're putting on to the infamous Upper Middle fork of the Kaweah, fingers crossed that it's a good idea to be in here without overnight gear.

Six years ago I hiked into this run and camped at put-in. It took us all day to finish the three mile long gorge. Today we're up at five. Kayaking normally doesn't start in the dark, and we all fumble around attempting to make sure we have everything necessary for…


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The Next Horizon Line tour begins

My Brother Jim and I hatched a plan last year while hiking into the middle kings to take a leave from work and travel to the places we have always wanted to paddle.  I was so excited this spring to team up with Dagger as our primary sponsor of our amazing trip.  We are planning to paddle in the Western US and Canada for the summer then head to Peru and Nepal in the fall and early winter.  

The trip stated with a bang and Jim and I drove from Colorado through the night after my last…


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Local Heroes

Dustin Knapp inspiring.

I grew up in Siskiyou County which has a population density of 7 people per square mile (New York City has 27,532). As a beginner in my Dagger CFS it wouldn't seem possible to have local heroes, but I did. Just wrapping up their careers in whitewater Dustin and Brandon…


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Paddlers Etiquette

If you show up to a crowded surf break in California and act like a jerk, chances are it could end in some slashed tires, a broken board, or getting the snot kicked out of you. On a recent trip to some popular surf breaks in San Diego, I was sensitive to this issue and took time to inquire about beach etiquette. Rules are posted at each break and after chatting with a couple locals to get my bearings straight, I felt confident about what was acceptable behavior. Kayakers can learn a lot from…


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