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The Next horizon Line: Fantasy Falls

Fantasy Falls is arguably the best multiday run in California (which says a lot), it has no hike in and has about every kind of rapid you could ask for all in an amazing wilderness setting.Jim and I were lucky enough to get 3 separate runs in on fantasy falls this summer all at a variety of different water levels.  The camping is amazing and the rapids are incredibly good and if you want to you can go HUGE on this run.  Enjoy the pics and video below and check out:…See More
Aug 13
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Kayaking the Rivers of Northern India: Part 1

Early August in the Indian Himalayas means the full access granted.  Come even just a few weeks prior in some years, and snow still blocks passage to remote villages and the rivers that flow through them.  Come in another month and those rivers may have seen the majority of snow melt already and be insufficient to float. Last year, we made the trip happen.  It began with us three ladies.  We wanted to see India and paddle in the northern region of Ladakh.  Soon a few friends, boyfriends and…See More
Aug 13
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The Next horizon Line: Fantasy Falls

Fantasy Falls is arguably the best multiday run in California (which says a lot), it has no hike in and has about every kind of rapid you could ask for all in an amazing wilderness setting.

Jim and I were lucky enough to get 3 separate runs in on fantasy falls this summer all at a variety of different water levels.  The camping is amazing and the rapids are incredibly good and if you want to you can go HUGE on this run.  Enjoy the pics and video below and check out:…


Posted by Tom Janney on August 13, 2014 at 11:58am

Crossover Creekin' in the Katana 10.4

This year I wanted to try something a little different, so I got a Katana 10.4 not knowing quite what to expect. Unwrapping the boat, I was super excited to see the hull that looked like it could definitely handle whitewater. Plus, it had all of the extra features to make it the perfect boat for long over-nighters on rivers and even to explore the San Juan Islands outside my back door in Bellingham, WA.…


Posted by Brendan Wells on July 14, 2014 at 7:00am

Endangered Rivers

Rivers are simple, yet amazingly complicated things in our modern world. Without kayaking I'd never have realized just how complicated they can be.

Thomas Moore runs a slide on the Devil's Postpile section of the San Joaquin.

This year the San Joaquin River was listed as one of the top three…


Posted by Darin McQuoid on July 2, 2014 at 2:58pm

Dagger Europe Blog

Scottish Women's Sea Kayaking Symposium

Scottish Women's Sea Kayaking Symposium

This weekend I traveled to the Island of Bute to coach at this years Womens Sea Kayaking Symposium in Scotland. Fifty ladies from all over the UK flocked to Bute for the three day festival. There were opportunities for the ladies to improve their paddling skills by taking part in coached workshops or test their stamina on challenging day paddles. In the evenings we all came together to tell our kayaking tales and eat amazing cake in the cafe. It was a great chance to giggle, gossip and get out on the water in a stunning Scottish location.

Ladies Sea Kayaking Symposium from Erin Bastian on Vimeo.

Hope to see more ladies out on the water next year.

Bóbr River Games

Bóbr River Games

What the best I can do for my favourite sport discipline and life passion? Training in different places, travelling, taking a part in sports events all around the world is something what push every paddler forward and it’s very important for individual development. The question is what a single paddler can do to develop his sport? 
In 2009 me and my Dad decided to organize Polish Championships in Freestyle Kayaking in our home city Jelenia Góra. Why we made that decision? Maybe because nobody else want to do it. In this time Freestyle Kayaking was still very young in Poland and we knew if we wont do that competition nobody cares ... and probably freestyle will die. It was 4th than Dunajec.
With cooperation with our friends from kayak club and others we found some sponsors, which wasn’t easy and we also invest our private money to do that event . For me and my Dad that was the beginning of fight for better and bigger promotion of freestyle kayaking in Poland. We still didn’t have any playspot which was the biggest problem in organizing all event. Our friends from Ecoland Sp. Z O.O. who have a power plant on Bóbr River (Beaver River) helped us a lot and together we’ve built our first playspot. It wasn’t as good as it is now, but after long time we finally had some place for training and competition and that was the beginning of Bóbr River Games. 
In years 2009-2013 we organized five edtitions of Polish Championships in Freestyle Kayaking every time making something new, like new categories, fun events, or nice prizes. In 2011 we build our playspot with all needed permitions and it is working till now, and what’s the most important everyone is welcome to paddle there. 
This year our competition doesn’t have a Polish Championship status, but that means me, my Dad, Zosia and group of our friends made together something special. This year different kayak club want to organize competition too! Now we don’t have the only one freestyle event in the wild water per year. We have two events in holeriding and another two on the flatwater. In this year was also the first edition of UMPA UMPA TRUSKAWA KAYAK GAMES where in program was also freestyle kayaking and even Big Air Contest. That makes the future of freestyle kayaking in Poland looking very good. Even we started preparations to the big kayak competitions tour which will be combined from kayak events in different parts of Poland.
I know this is not only my contribution. For all this years we were organizning kayak freestyle events (five times Polish Championships) together with my team mates from Karkonoski Klub Kajakowy, and group of close friends. Of course in Poland are more kayakers with good ideas and desire to do something but in 2009 we were completely alone and we made something what in my opinion saved freestyle kayaking in Poland and now with pleasure I can invite you to one of our fast developing sport events. 
I would like to invite you all to the Beaver River Games 2014 which will kick off in the first weekend of September in Jelenia Góra (Poland) on Beaver (Bóbr) river.
This year with help of our sponsors we can provide cash prizes for top five men and top five woman in freestyle kayaking pro categories and for top three men and woman in overall Bóbr River Cup  Polish Champs and first made in river other (6000 PLN in total). This year we are doing for the first time competition in 8 Ball where the best woman and the best man will win a new G’Power Harpoon paddle. In program instead of Freestyle and 8 Ball we have also Creek Race and The Best Trick Contest. During all competition everyone can test new Dagger boats like Mamba 8.6, Mamba 8.1 and Jitsu 5.9 plastic and carbon.
See more details at you want to join us and have any questions just write me a message on
Ater that six years of trying to organize a good event and fighting for better future for myself and for my passion finally I can look forward and be sure that everything is going in a good direction. 
If you would like to do something for your passion – kayaking just try. I’m sure you will find someone, as I found, who will help you and together you will make some nice sport event, build a playspot or do something else what will help to develop yourself and all discipline.

Tour de France – Gorge du Verdon

Tour de France – Gorge du Verdon

Während Gott und die Welt alljährlich im Sommer den weiten Weg in den hohen Norden nach Norwegen pendelt um dort einige der mit Sicherheit besten Bäche der Welt zu paddeln, musste dieses Jahr, aufgrund der bevorstehenden Freestyle EM und damit nur knapp zwei Wochen Freizeit, eine näher gelegene und qualitativ vergleichbare Destination gefunden werden.

Nach kurzer Überlegung viel die Wahl auf die Französischen Alpen die durch einen vergleichbar kurzen Anfahrtsweg, potentiell gutes Wetter, einer hohen Dichte an Bächen und nicht zuletzt kulinarischen Highlights punkteten. Zudem war es an der Zeit ein länger gehegtes Projekt die „Gorge du Verdon“ anzugehen!

Wir starteten unsere kleine "Tour de France" mit einem Freestyle Kurs im „Parc des Eaux Vives“ in Huningue. Sonnenschein und warmes Wasser machten den Paddelspaß perfekt und so wurde jede Lücke zwischen den Hydrospeed-Schwimmern genutzt um an Spins, Cartwheels und Loops zu feilen.

Von Huningue ging´s weiter ins Durance-Tal. Hier zeigte sich, dass sich nicht wie anfänglich vermutet 99% aller Paddler im Sommer in Norwegen herumtreiben sondern auch ein beachtlicher Anteil die Reise nach Frankreich antritt. Insbesondere Italiener, Holländer und deutsche Paddler waren hier zuhauf auf der Durance, und den umliegenden Flüssen wie Guil, Guisanne, Gironde oder der Ubaye anzutreffen. Bleibt noch zu klären wo all die Französischen Paddler waren?!

Doch das eigentliche Ziel unserer Tour hatten wir noch nicht erreicht. Also packten wir unsere Sachen und fuhren über die traumhaft schönen Col de Var und Col de Cayolle bis ins Var-Tal. Dort bescherte uns der kurze Run durch die roten Felsen der Gorge de Daluis das erste imposante Schlucht Erlebnis. Pünktlich am darauffolgenden Montagnachmittag erreichten wir die kleine Stadt Castellane im Tal des Verdon. Ein kurzer Check bei den örtlichen Raftunternehmen brachte tolle Neuigkeiten - in dieser Woche gab es nicht nur Dienstag und Freitag einen Wasserablass durch die Gorge du Verdon sondern es wurde zusätzlich am Mittwoch abgelassen - es lagen also 2 Tage Paddeln durch eine der eindrücklichsten und größten Schluchten Europas vor uns! :)

In der Hoffnung noch andere Paddler für den gemeinsamen Paddelspaß zu treffen und unser kleines Shuttle Problem mit nur einem Auto zu lösen suchten wir uns einen Campingplatz und hatten auch sogleich Glück. Wir trafen den Oberösterreicher Tom, den wir in diesem Sommer zufälligerweise schon ein paar Mal an den unterschiedlichsten Orten getroffen hatten. Auch er war auf der Suche nach Mitpaddlern und so starteten wir zu dritt unser kleines Abenteuer durch den "Grand Canyon du Verdon".

Der Fluss mäandert, mit bis zu 700 Meter hohen Canyon-Wänden eingerahmt, über 24 Kilometer durch eine Schlucht, welche sich an den einigen Stellen bis auf wenige Meter verengt. Über weite Strecken bietet sich dem Paddler meist leichteres Wildwasser, das sich mit verblocktem Stellen bis hin zum vierten Schwierigkeitsgrad abwechselt. Die meisten Stellen sind gut im "read-and-run" Stil zu meistern oder durch einen Blick über die Schulter aus dem letzten Kehrwasser zu überblicken. Dennoch birgt die Verdonschlucht mit zahlreichen Siphonen erhebliche Gefahren falls die Optimal-Linie verpasst, oder die falsche Einfahrt im oftmals labyrinthartigen Irrgarten aus Felsen genommen werden sollte. Zu den Höhepunkten der landschaftlich spektakulären Fahrt, zählen mit Sicherheit die Befahrung der "unterirdisch" verlaufenden Teilstücke.

Insbesondere eine Stelle, genannt „Imbut“, ein riesiger Siphon, den man bis kurz vor seinen Ausgang durchpaddeln kann (kein Treibholz vorausgesetzt), sorgt dann doch für einen leichten Nervenkitzel bei der Einfahrt und ein einzigartiges Naturschauspiel innerhalb der „Höhle“. Als netter Nebeneffekt lässt sich das ansonsten sicherlich mühsame Umtragen der Stelle, durch einfaches Überheben einer kleineren Felsbarriere umgehen.

Nach etwa viereinhalb Stunden erreichten wir den See  und etwa eine dreiviertel Stunde später die Brücke am Ausstieg. Dort ließen wir uns unsern mitgenommen Proviant  Spaghetti mit Crevetten vom Vortag  schmecken. Ein angemessenes Ende eines eindrucksvollen Tages! Achja, und das Gleiche dann am nächsten Tag noch mal  mit grünerem Wasser, da kein Regen während der Nacht!

Always remember: „Second run, double the fun!“

Albania – the hidden paradise of Eastern Europe

Albania – the hidden paradise of Eastern Europe

What are your kayaking plans over Easter? Corsica, Ticino or Piemont? In spring 2014, Sandra Sebelin and a team of German and Austrian paddlers went on a whitewater trip to Albania, a country hardly known for its kayaking. What they found was a real gem, an area full of great rivers, friendly people and magnificent landscapes yet to be discovered by paddlers.


Preparations started six month earlier. With boxes full of gear, Land Rovers overloaded with boats and a dog to complete the team, they hit the road crossing Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro. On the road they paddled rivers to prepare for their final destination. In the northern Alps of Albania just on the border to Montenegro they discovered new white water surrounded by pristine nature. Albania unveiled the most beautiful rivers of clear blue water, with a large variety of grades and difficulties, and steep yet green and fertile canyon walls lining the banks left and right. After four weeks of kayaking, paragliding and cycling, the crew left Albania with the wish to come back and discover more of this beautiful country and its amazing whitewater. Albania, a hiddlen little paradise that you should definitely add to your list of travel destinations for the future. 


Sandra Sebelin is a well versed traveller with her kayak. She is currenctly studying forestry engineering in Southern Germany. Besides competing for the Germany Kayak Freestyle Team she loves going on whitewater trips whenever she manages to escape uni. 

Photos by: Jörg, Fluse, Twitschak, Benni, Basti, Hans, Sandra



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